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The Man That Shashi Kapoor Resembles

The other day Anita and I decided to meet up at Koshy's. The place was cacophonous, what with all the creative-types chattering away... firing empty words and thoughts into the cosmos. The waiter in his 43 year old uniform (that was never washed I am sure) took our order for drinks and we started talking. The drinks arrived in 44 year old glasses and we pounced on our drinks anyway.
Half way through our drinks I noticed this short, stocky old man staggering his way towards us. His wrinkled face told many a story and the slur of his speech told me that he was way past his alcohol limit.

"Have you-u s-seen Anand?" he asked me.
I was stumped. I didn't know if he was searching for a friend or if he was talking about the movie but thankfully he continued,
"Rajesh Kanna is going to d-die? Are you with me?"
And he took off on the movie: about how Rajesh Khanna meets strangers yada-yada. And suddenly he did a U-turn and asked, "Do you know Rajdeep Sardesai? That boy has started a new channel called CNN-IBN? Are you with me?"
I nodded not knowing what I should say.
"Yeah, he was interviewing this recluse director..."
I lost him.
And he suddenly said "I look like Shashi Kapoor?"
I thought we were still with Rajdeep and said,
"You mean the recluse director?" That pissed him off I think.
He said, "No, me! You don't think I look like Shashi Kapoor? I am the General Manager of the Taj hotels... you know Westend?"
I didn't know what hit me; the alcohol or the man and said,
"Of course you look like Shashi Kapoor!"
To which he said, "No he looks like me!"
And I said, "yeah, same difference."
He rummaged through the Journalist bag and produced a G.K. Vale cover. He pulled a photograph out. It was him, wearing a Monkey cap and a plastic smile that paled in comparison with the wrinkles on his face. He gave it to me and said, "It is for you. I have forty more. Don't worry, go on take it."
And he left us. He did not even acknowledge Anita's existence. He simply walked to the rest room. I have a soft copy of the picture but I am not posting it because I think it would violate his privacy. I mean what if a swarm of girls descend upon him when he is sipping his drink in Koshy's? No, I don't want to do that to him. I am sure he has been there, done that. ;-)
Well, it takes all kinds to make this planet spin I guess. I hope he finds warmth in the winter of his life. Oh well.

P.S. Read the Koshy's link in this post. Those bastards I tell you, ha ha.

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