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AeroForce One Crashes In Bangalore

As it turned out, it was a pretty bad show. Yes, it was bad trust me. Tyler sang as if he had no interest at all in entertaining the audience. He never hit the high notes. And most times, did not even sing! Joe Perry was equal in his rather pompous display of utter incompetence. It was stunning to watch these guys willingly screw up; we grew up listening to them and watching them. It as a big let down. I was actually waiting for the concert to finish, so I could get back home and drink some beer. The only high point of the concert happened outside of it: a guy ran back from the gate screaming 'Hey they are asking me for tickets man!'
And, what's with these guys, Tyler and Perry, advertising their stupidity? They think India is about Elephants, Vindaloo, Cobras, and Tigers! Why am I not surprised!

Now, writing concert reviews hit a new high today. Anand Sankar's review in The Hindu today, stinks of ignorance. Some gems from his review:
There was "Falling In Love (is hard on the knees)" followed by "Crazy".

They never played Crazy Anand. I want some of what you were smoking at the concert. Wait a minute, were you at the concert at all?
All along the massive backdrop kept playing superb animation, the band large-size or clips from the original videos.

Huh? I can't believe that Hindu actually published this gibberish.
Every wrinkle on face and every muscle in his body was tense.

Who is this guy! I want Anand to be our next President.
He showed off the many tattoos on his torso, including the one on his lower back that simply said in bold: "Lick me". The origins of the band were in no doubt when Tyler went on with the typically drawled "Baibey".

First, the tattoo was on his lower STOMACH. The origins were clear because he said 'Baibey?' I rest my case.

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