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Okay ladies and gentlemen and bloggers, I propose a [b]Logout, a trip off the beaten track for all of us bloggers. As the term suggests bLogout is aimed at helping you break away from the monotony of work (or the lack of it thereof). Our God Mummy has traveled a lot and she can be our consultant.
It could be a trek, a jungle trip, a camping trip... You get the drift? No more Barista's and over-priced coffees for a while. bLogout.
Non-bloggers can join us too. Don't just stand there in one non-descript corner, drawing lines on the floor with your toes, biting your nails, and thinking, 'Why didn't I start a blog!'
Please use the comments section to brainstorm. Ferrari, some people think you have no brains. So just storm machaan. ;-)
bLogout. It's fun.
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