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Reliance Webworld and the Satriani Concert Ticket Fraud

Thanks Anita. You reminded me about it. I almost forgot blogging about it. As you all know I won some contest that Webworld organized and I got to meet Joe Satriani at the Cunningham road Reliance Webworld. Joe himself presented me with a ticket (a Rs 500/- ticket). I had four tickets with me and I took the ticket to the venue in the hope of selling the 500 bucks ticket to someone. I did find someone and I sold it to him. A few minutes later, I learnt that the 500 ticket was not valid. The guys at the gate said 'we are not aware of any 500 ticket!' And I saw this guy around; he was at the Cunningham road Webworld, and I knew he was from Reliance. When I approached him, even before I could say anything, he ran away disdainfully, saying, 'I am not in the organizing committee!'

What else can one expect from these Reliance Infocomm people? I have no clue how the 500 ticket came about, but I feel sorry for that gentleman (who bought my ticket) that decided to walk away after he was denied entry. As Anita said in her post, Opium botched it big time. And hey why have Brahma open the show for Joe Satriani! It irritates me when a band comes on stage and says 'the next track is our own composition', as if it makes a difference to us. Just play it dude. And if we like it, you'll know it, and you can tell us about your 'own comps'. So if you are a band and you indeed do 'own comps', take my advice, we don't like it when you tell us it is an 'own comp'. Just shut up and play.

Another thing about Joe Satriani: that guy is indefatigable; he played on for close to three hours, while we were shifting our feet and holding on to our whining backs. But him? He just was as fresh as he was at the start, even when the lights went down on what probably was the best rock show Bangalore has ever witnessed.

Coming back to Reliance Webworld, they have yet to send me the pictures. Why am I not surprised?
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