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bangalore bloggers blogout!

Guys and girls, and all ye Bangalore bloggers. Get ready for the mother of all blogger meets.
When: 3rd weekend of June (18,19). (Confirm participation by next Tuesday)
Where: Kadumane (a place five hours away from Bangalore and light years away from the taxing city life). (We are open to ideas on other locations)
Who: Write to me or Anita
What: If you can strum a guitar or sing or belly dance, we will be your audience, honest!

Please confirm participation through e-mail. Read more on Anita's blog

Special attraction: Stand-up comedy by the-one-and-only and the one.

1) Can I bring a friend along?
Absolutely. As long as it is a girl we have no problems. (Suman and Madman laugh 'har har har' and slam a hi5.)
2) Should I pay for it?
Um. No, We'll pay you $40 per hour if you go with us. Of course dufus. You pay. We'll let you know how much shortly.
What kind of clothes do you recommend?
Wear something. Please.
3) Are pets allowed?
Dogs, no. Boa Constrictors? Sure! Cats? Forgetaboutit! Hee-ha.
4) I live in Mumbai, am I eligible?
Yes but your GRE score should be 97 percentile. Don't look so sad. Of course anyone can join us, genius! :-) That said, we have a PSYCHOmetric eligibility test for guys from Delhi. Ok, do you see the glow-sign 'JOKE'. Thank you. Phew!
What if I get lost in the jungle?
Don't worry. We won't tell anyone. Also, a Tiger can kill you under 4 seconds. Get the hint? Stay with the gang! Grrr.
I can't swim!
Oh sh1t! You will use a life-jacket even under a shower. That's an order.
I can't climb/trek
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