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Media Coverage in North-East

Last night I tuned into NDTV to check out what was going on in Assam and Nagaland. I waited for close to 45 minutes but no correspondent came on screen and talked about the unrest in north-east. Prannoy Roy and his super-intellect team members Rajdeep, Srinivasan, and Burka Datt were talking to Pramod Mahajan. The topic? How the BJP-Sena alliance faring in Maharashtra. Online news is no better. I don't think any of these news companies have sent correspondents or maybe the government is restricting them, I don't know. But I figured that the media is united in displaying complete apathy towards north-east. How can you not cover this item as breaking-news? 63 people dead and hundreds injured, what more do you want? A genocide? To wake up and send your correspondents to north-east? Sad. Take a look at NDTV's Timeline-coverage of the violence in north-east.
Saturday, 2 October: 49 Killed in blasts. Take a look at the picture that NDTV published.
3 October, 2004: Assam is rocked by blasts again. But hey, take a look at the picture.
NDTV redefines content reuse and re-purposing. Whatever respect I had for NDTV is gone. Following Times, NDTV is busy covering the 'night life' and page-3 people too. Wonderful! It'd be nice if you could act as responsible media people and let us, the rest of the nation, know what's going on in Assam and Nagaland. Don't give us statements made by Patil, or BJP or ULFA. Tell us what the people think. Prannoy Roy, shame on you man.
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