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The fourth estate in shambles

NDTV ran a special SMS service on its news channel: you can send an SMS and it will appear on a marquee on TV. Lot of people used it to communicate with their near and dear during the monster rains in Mumbai. And, people appreciated NDTV for its service. I kept reading messages like 'Dad is back home. Thanks NDTV.' That's where the good news ends. NDTV also tried to milk emotion by having their inarticulate correspondents (like the one in Ahmedabad) mouth utter nonsense—in the name of presenting a human face— on national TV.
The Ahmedabad guy found a little school girl supposedly dumped by her school bus in the middle of nowhere, in the heavy rain. The girl is a student of a school run a pharma major. How could a reporter without checking facts accuse the school or the bus driver? Probably the bus broke down. Probably the driver was off to get help. School authorities remained inaccessible was a complaint; what did you expect? that the school officials would be playing a game of Rummy over some hot coffee in the campus enjoying the heavy rains? Come on guys, this is the goddamned national television. Get your facts absolutely right before you go ahead and make any accusation or do an expose. And get some real reporters. The Ahmedabad guys said, 'This is Ahmedabad, the city of humanity and human faces'. Really? Mr.Modi will love you for that my friend.

Indiatimes ran these headlines, among others that did not include news on the Mumbai catastrophe:
Sex MMS will replace movies and TV,
Mithun, not Amitabh is indias hero no 1
Lust is the theme of every party
Better to be the mistress than wife
(via Prabhu)

Airtel thought it was fit to ask people—amid the chaos— if they wanted to knowwhere the nearest coffee shop was. Very sensitive I must admit. (via Rashmi)

The slimes ran a piece on how Mumbai celebs suffered because they didn't get a copy of slimes due to the rains (Thanks Uma). What they failed to understand is that water supply was probably cut off and what better paper than slimes to wipe your a**?

There is an argument (started by B-school intellectuals and the likes) that Slimes is doing what works for its business; and that it gives what people want. I think Slimes proved the intellectuals wrong by pulling this stupid, self-congratulatory piece. And I have tears in my eyes because I have been laughing non-stop... Sometime back I read somewhere that the Slimes story should be made a case study in all B-schools. Ha ha.
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