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    Want to copy music from your Ipod? I know. I know. All the tracks in your Pod are renamed by Itunes. How do you copy and retain track, album, and artist names?
    Simple. Get SharePod. Small footprint. Easy to use. Effective. Brilliant!

    Note: SharePod needs the Microsoft .NET 2 Framework to work correctly.

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    How-To Turn your iPod in to a Universal Infrared Remote Control

    ...take an iPod and turn it in to a universal infrared remote control which can be used to control all your home electronic equipment, or just about anything that uses a remote control, for example in our place we have our iPod controlling our TV, DVD Player, Direct TV, Ultimate TV PVR, Media Center PC, Xbox, XM Satellite Radio, Roomba and a few other random things like a Robot.

    Interested? Go to Engadget for details.

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