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How Will The Tsunami Affect Chennai's IT Prospects?

The recent Tsunami tragedy is bound to raise questions about Chennai as a location for software and hardware organizations. Bangalore is already over-worked on that front and more companies were opting Chennai. But, I doubt that Chennai still enjoys that 'automatic choice' status. This augurs well for lesser known towns (as spots for IT investment that is) like Coimbatore, Trichy, Vellore, and Madurai. The TN government should probably modify its pitch to accommodate a wider choice in terms of locations. To do this, the TN government has to ensure that the other towns match Chennai in terms of infrastructure and facilities.

How Bangalore can exploit this situation
Bangalore is out until its infrastructure (especially roads and mass-transport) improves. Maybe the Karnataka government should start pitching Mysore, and simultaneously connect Mysore and Bangalore a la Mumbai and Pune. Bangalore's chaotic traffic, bad roads, and the lack of well-connected mass transport facility is bound to have a direct impact on the IT companies that operate in the city: factors like road-rage, fatigue, and longer commuting time affect an employee's productivity. Another idea is to build satellite towns (like New Mumbai) around Bangalore.

What do you think?

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